Marzo McCutter and X-Tractor 2022

Original Deadhunt Score By Marzo McCutter
Theme Song „Auf der Jagd“ By X-Tractor

Original Deadhunt Movie Score Soundtrack - By Marzo McCutter - A Ferry Kaupisch Film

Ich arbeite zurzeit am Score für den Film Deadhunt. Ein Veröffentlichungsdatum gibt es noch nicht.
Details gebe ich rechtzeitig, auf Facebook und Instagram bekannt.

X-Tractor 2007-2009/2020-2021

     Alles ist gut     Der Mussolini        Weissglut  Ich will hier raus Gehirnkonflikt
X-Tractor - Alles ist gut 2007-2021 Cover - by Marzo McCutter X-Tractor - Der Mussolini - 2020 - Tribute to Gabi Delgado - by Marzo McCutter X-Tractor - Weissglut - EP - Released 2009 - by Marzo McCutter X-Tractor - Ich will hier raus - Remixed EP - Released 2008 - by Marzo McCutter X-Tractor - Gehirnkonflikt - Album - Released 2007 - by Marzo McCutter
2021 2020 2009 2008 2007

Download & Infos: X-Tractor Official

Songwriter for Sweet Pain – Thieves Of Rock (2015)

Thieves Of Rock, Guitar Hero, Pills That Kill – Music by Marzo McCutter
Fire & Gasoline – Music by Marzo McCutter & Steven Hänisch
Back in Business – Music by Marzo McCutter & Carsten Hoevel

Sweet Pain - Thieves of rock - 2015

The true story about the Sweet Pain Reunion. The truth and no lies!

Songwriter for Divamee (2008)

Alles dreht sich und Engel – Music by X-Tractor

Divamee - Experiment - Released 2008

Zed Yago 2005

I’m not playing on this recording.
The recordings were already done
when I joined Zed Yago. But I’m
in the booklet under the pseudonym
Marzo Nixxx – Bass

Sweet Pain 1996/97

Sweet Pain - If licks could kill - Released 1997

Sweet Pain - The very best of Sweet Pain - Released 1996

Marzo – Bass & Backing Vocals
(On „If licks could kill“, I wrote the main riff for Game Over and Trapped in the carwash)